OUR PROCESS: From Conception to Completion

Step 1: Initial Contact
A wonderful, satisfying remodeling project begins with the first step, communication. During your first call with our office, we will review your project, ideas and vision for your new space. We will answer all your questions, ask you a few of our own, and get to know you. Once we both feel comfortable, we will set up our first meeting.

Step 2: Our First Meeting
We will come to your home for our first meeting. Here we will discuss your project in more detail, gathering information that will help us give you options based on your wishes and within your investment parameter. We will share our background and explain the process. At the end of the meeting, we will set a time to come back and go over the details of how we can help you.

Step 3: Preparing Your Dreams
Now that we have an understanding of how you wish to accomplish your new space, we will work on figuring out the investment, material list and layout. We prepare a package that will present to you at our next meeting.

Step 4: Scope of Work Meeting
During our second meeting, Grande Decor will present you with the Preliminary Scope of Work, Investment Parameter for your project and a few conceptual sketches. We will discuss the Design Deposit and move onto the next milestone: The Design Process.

Step 5: The Design Process
This phase is where the magic (and measure) take place. Together we will create your perfect floor plan (communicating with drawings and photo realistic renderings), hash out all the details and help you make the final finish selections. Our designers are knowledgeable in all phases of the construction project and will help you make the best choices in materials, appliances and finishes. Communication is key and is the focus of the process. During this phase, every part of your project is figured out, including final investment, lead times, work hours, etc. The completion of the design will lead us into the contract.

Step 6: Contract
Once your project is fully designed, soup to nuts, we exchange a mandated Pennsylvania state contract. This is for the protection of all parties. Pennsylvania's Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act requires that a long list of disclosures appear in the contract, such as start and finish dates, names and addresses of subs, insurance coverage and a phone number for the Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Protection. We will walk through this together and once completed, construction will begin.

Step 7: Pre-Construction Meeting
During our Pre-Construction meeting, we will go over the start and finish times, explain our "cleanliness policy," make note of your preferences as to home egress, and put up the appropriate signs and permits. Communication through updates and morning site visits will continue throughout the duration of the project.

Step 8: Construction Process
Watch the transformation begin! Construction will occur with as little interruption to your daily routine as possible. We will not only provide you with the highest level of craftsmanship available, we will also answer all your questions, and keep your home as clean as possible. Grande Decor will be setting up dust walls, laying down tarps and containing the construction as best as possible. At the end of each day, the site will be cleaned, vacuumed and straightened up. It is one of our goals to keep your life as normal as possible while we are visiting. Our goal is to give you the most positive remodeling experience possible.

Step 9: Pre-completion
No project is complete until you are totally satisfied. At the end of the construction phase, we do a thorough pre-completion walk-thru with you. We take make note of any small detail that may have been overlooked, resolve it and with your permission, photograph your project.

Step 10: Warranty Period
The State of Pennsylvania requires a one-year warranty on all craftsmanship. We are so confident that you will be satisfied, we double that warranty! Enjoy your new kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel by Grande Decor!